Apart from his family life, Philippe Maryssael likes listening to music, all sorts of music (well, almost all sorts of music).

He is a terminology enthusiast — terminology is a discipline that is closely related to translation, which he had practiced for some thirty years. At a time when no such university education existed, he attended a post-graduate in terminology and terminotics which a professor, who was a pioneer in the field, developed at the Institut supérieur de traducteurs et interprètes (ISTI). Philippe is one of the first twelve terminoticians who ever graduated in that then-unheard-of discipline. Today, it is a much sought qualification.

Philippe is also interested in genealogical research. Gathering information about his family at large, he from time to time updates the Maryssael family tree. His research enabled him to get in tough, several years ago, with distant relatives from Brazil, Mexico, Finland and Australia, and to actually meet some of them.

Photography is also one of Philippe's hobbies, as is website development, especially the design side of it.

Also, Philippe is a connoisseur of fine whiskies from Scotland and Ireland, and even from farther away (Japan, Taiwan or India).

In these pages, he will share with you some of his passions.